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Glennbrooke Ridge Property Owner Association is located in SW Portland, OR near Multnomah Village, and across SW 45th St. from Gabriel Park.

We have 22 town-house style condos, and are self-managed by a board of five (5) homeowners. We are located on 7 acres of wooded lands… it is like living in a park.

Please Note:
Some content on this site is subject to access restriction. In order to access association member/board content or make calendar submissions, you will need to login. Please direct all non-homeowner document/access requests to board@glennbrookeridge.com.


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Emergency Preparedness

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and the rolling green hills of Southwest Portland showcase much of what is beautiful about it. But there are potential risks here as well. Not only the risk of potential catastrophic earthquake, but forest fires and other hazards as well. We need to be prepared.

This part of Portland is particularly vulnerable in the event of disaster. It could be days or weeks before help arrives. Food and water are essential. Please store enough of both to ensure the needs of your families and your pets. We’ve compiled a list of resources below to assist with emergency preparedness. Please feel free to send additional suggestions to emergencyprep@glennbrookeridge.com.

Preparedness Information / Resources

If There’s an Earthquake

In the aftermath of an earthquake event, we will need to know who is and who is not OK. Glennbrooke Ridge residents are urged to check in at the association rec center building as soon as safely possible, so we can determine who might require assistance.

Resource Links

Phone/Tablet Apps

Red Cross First Aid– This gives first aid and preparation instructions for many kinds of accidents and health emergencies, including earthquakes.
(Android / Apple)

Red Cross Earthquake– This will send you alerts and gives tips on preparedness, planning ahead, during, and right after an earthquake.
(Android / Apple)

FEMA– This app contains general information on safety, planning, disaster resources.
(Android / Apple)

Quake Watch– This app tells you where quakes are occurring in the world, and how intense they are. In addition, it will send you alerts when there are quakes nearby.
(Android / Apple)

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