Reservation / Access FAQ

Rec Bldg Reservation/Access Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve the Rec Building?

Fill out & submit the Reservation Form. This will place your event on GBR POA’s Calendar (subject to POA Board review).

Please note that access to the request form is restricted. If you are not an association member, you can click here to request calendar-level site access.

How do I access the Rec Building for my event?

You will receive an email confirmation of your event, typically within 48-72 hours of submitting an access request, confirming your reservation.  This confirmation will include a passcode that can be used to unlock the Rec Building’s front door.

How do I use the access passcode?
  • to enter the building:
    1. press the ‘2’ key on the lock until keypad lights up
    2. enter passcode
    3. press the ‘✔’ key (check mark) on the keypad until unlocking occurs
  • to exit building:
    1. press door firmly closed to ensure lock is in position
    2. press and hold the ‘✔’ key (check mark) on the keypad until locking occurs
      (please note that pass code is not required for exit)
How long will I be able to use my passcode?

Passcodes provide time-restricted access, typically from one hour before until one hour after the requested event reservation, at which time the passcode for your reservation expires. You’ll still be able to leave the building– you just won’t be able to get back in.

If you need access after that (one of your guest forgot something, etc.), please contact the GBR POA Board.

Are there any special conditions for using the GBR Rec Building?

Events occurring at the Glennbrooke Ridge Property Owner Association Recreation Building must conform with our Terms of Service.

By reserving this building for an event, you are accepting responsibility for ensuring Terms of Service compliance. Failure to do so may result in future reservation denials.