Group: Additional Property Owner Resources

Additional Documents

Ballot Proxy 2016 Reserve Study Complete index of Association Documents– All of the documents accessed on this website are actually stored in the association’s Google Drive cloud-based storage, to which… Read more »


Policy & Governance

By-laws / Rules (amended 5/21/2019) Official (exact digital copy of recorded document) Reference Copy (searchable electronic document) Oregon State Law Chapter 100 (Condominium statutes) Budget and Finance Policy Composting Policy… Read more »


Foundational Documents

Unit Development Request, City of Portland (Jan 15, 1970) GBR Surveyors Certificate GBR Articles of Incorporation


Maintenance Resources

Contractor/Vendor Insurance Requirements Paint Colors Water Main Repair (November 2015) Documentation Warranty/Lien/Specs Operations/Maintenance Manual Water Piping Map Outdoor Lighting Map Telecom/Water/Gas Association Blueprints & Drawings (Google Drive)